Fish Can't Fly
National Coming Out Day Project
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Every October 11th, thousands of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people and allies celebrate National
Coming Out Day. They hold workshops, speak-outs, rallies and other kinds of events where they dispel myths
about same-gender loving people and sexual minorities and affirm the coming out experience.

In an affront to the positive spirit of this event, in the past, anti-gay groups like,
Truth Comes Out Project,  
announced plans to screen their film during this same time period as a counter move to the Coming Out event.  
The people in the film boldly and irresponsibly claim that through participation in "ex-gay' programs,
same-gender loving people can change and become heterosexual. (
news release)

In an effort to share with the public the full story about "ex-gay" change programs and the often devastating
effects they can have on the LGBT people of solid faith who endured them, we are promoting a nationwide
series of screenings of the documentary
Fish Can't Fly.  Author and activist Wayne Besen, filmmaker Tom
Murray, former "ex-gay" participant Shawn O'Donnell and performance artist Peterson Toscano are asking
LGBT-affirming groups and individuals to organize screenings of
Fish Can't Fly throughout the month of
October. We believe these "ex-gay" survivors' stories must be heard in order to stop the damage daily
perpetuated against LGBT youth and adults, damage done by ministries who dishonestly persuade people that
change is possible.  
Fish Can't Fly poignantly exposes the pain, confusion, loss and heartache endured by
victims of "ex-gay" programs and celebrates the power of coming out.

We call on concerned LGBT individuals and allies to make it possible for thousands of people to hear a positive
message about coming out and the truth behind "ex-gay" programs. You can show
Fish Can't Fly, an
83-minute documentary film, to family and friends followed by informal discussion or you can seek to organize a
screening through your church, university, or local community center followed by a more organized discussion.  
Perhaps you know people that have been through "ex-gay" programs that can attend the screening and speak
to the audience and answer questions first hand about their experiences.

Below is a list of resources available.  The DVD is being offered at an introductory price of $15.00 which will go
a long way in helping to support this film and it's message about the lives of LGBT people who are struggling to
balance their spirituality and sexuality.  After your screening, you may even consider passing the DVD on, or
donating it to a LGBT group or reconciling church.  While our resources are fairly limited, for those that may
plan a larger event, we may even be able to help you arrange a speaker if one is available in your area.

Tom Murray
                                                                   Wayne Besen
                                                                   Peterson Toscano                                                                               
Shawn O'Donnell
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More comprehensive background
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Wayne Besen's "Anything But Straight"
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