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Information of Peterson Toscano's work
Mary Lou Wallner's TEACH Ministries
Evangelicals Concerned
Jallen Rix Web Site
Potter's House Fellowship
Wayne Besen - Anything But Straight
Reverend Nancy Wilson and MCC Sarasota
Joe Kort, Author & Psychotherapist
a new documentary film
Canaan Band with Mel's original music is used in the film.
OTHER LINKS, Christian GLBT support  Christian GLBT support
PFLAG, Parents and Friends of Gays and Lesbians
HEART STRONG - offering support to LGBT individuals adversely effected by religious educational institutions.
Love In Action
EXODUS International
Gay Christian Network - Gay Christian support web site
TRUTH WINS OUT - Group exposing the "ex-gay" myth
STRAIGHT INTO GAY AMERICA - a straight Pastor's journey to understand the LGBT community
Gay Christian 101
Beyond  EX-GAY - Great new site !!!!